MeVa granite ltd countertops When choosing stone countertops, costs vary based on the type of stone, its quality, rarity, thickness, and installation complexity. Here’s a rough cost comparison: • Granite: $40-$200 per square foot. • Marble: $50-$250 per square foot. • Quartz: $50-$200 per square foot. • Soapstone: $70-$200 per square foot. • Quartzite: $70-$200 per square foot. • Porcelain (e.g., Dekton): $60-$200 per square foot. Installation costs add $30-$70 per square foot. These prices are rough averages and can vary. MeVa Granite Ltd. offers limited promotions. For more details, please contact us.
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June 28, 2024

How does the cost of different stone materials compare? MeVa Granite Ltd.,...

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